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Sunday Shootout Leaderboard

The Erik Spoelstra Basketball Academy created the Sunday Shootout to teach players the fundamentals of shooting, the importance of balance, and the opportunity to get up as many shots as possible in a 75 minute session.  During the session, each player will pass through four stations; Form Shooting, Shooting On the Move, Shooting Off the Dribble, and Competition Shooting.  At the Competition Shooting station, players are given one minute to make as many shots as they can on the Original Shoot-A-Way.  Below are the top three scores from each of the first three weeks of our six week program.

Week 1: 1-Minute Right Side J’s

T-1. Steven Perez – 13

T-1. Nicolas Portuondo – 13

T-3. Michael Alcorta – 12

T-3. Adam Magoulas – 12

T-3. Jackson Mansfield – 12

Week 2: 1-Minute Left Side J’s

T-1. Michael Alcorta – 14

T-1. Kevin Noriega – 14

T-3. Sebastian Cebollero – 13

T-3. Nicolas Portuondo – 13

Week 3: 1-Minute Around the Rack J’s 

1. Steven Perez – 14

2. Jahsiah Williams – 13

T-3. Michael Alcorta – 12

T-3. Adam Magoulas – 12

T-3. Nicolas Portuondo – 12

T-3. Jahquahiel Williams – 12


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