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ESBA Upper Keys League – Week 5 Results

Week 5 Results

Below are results from the final week of regular season action at the Upper Keys Youth Basketball League held at Key Largo School.

Division 1 Scores:

Dairy Queen defeated St. James the Fisherman 29-18

minimizetesting.com defeated Hydrasports Custom 27-16

Division 2 Scores:

CBT Construction defeated Olympic Gold Fishing 20-17

Pixabite defeated C-21 Schwartz Robert Valenzuela 30-7

Division 3 Scores:

Merrill Lynch Bulls defeated Ocean Reef Club Real Estate 27-16

FKEC (Kraus) and FKEC (Martin) played to a draw

FKEC (Martin) defeated Ocean Reef Club Real Estate 34-19

Merrill Lynch Bulls defeated FKEC (Kraus) 31-26

The playoffs will begin on Saturday February 21st at Key Largo School.  Below are the matchups.

10:00am Ct. 1 Playoffs D1: Dairy Queen – Guinta (1st) vs. St. James the Fisherman – O’Keeffe (4th)

10:00am Ct. 2 Playoffs D1: minimizetesting.com – Thiery (2nd) vs. Hydrasports Custom – Martin (3rd)

11:00am Playoffs D2: Pixabite – Gormley (1st) vs. Olympic Gold Fishing – Smith (4th)

12:00pm Playoffs D2: C-21 Schwartz Robert Valenzuela – Adrian (2nd) vs. CBT Construction – Rhyne (3rd)

1:00pm Playoffs D3: FKEC – Kraus (1st) vs. Ocean Reef Club Real Estate – Hofmann (4th)

2:00pm Playoffs D3: FKEC – Martin (2nd) vs. Merrill Lynch Bulls – Coussens (3rd)


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